Adapt and Be Flexible to Change

I never planned to be one of those people that habituates a coffee shop for the rest of my life, hogging a table while pecking away at a laptop computer.  Yet I’m committing that very sin as my family has been without power in the wake of the October 29 snowstorm that pummeled the northeast.

Our daughter’s school is closed due to downed power lines.  She’s reading a book while I write and caffeinate.

So what does this have to do with being flexible?  Right now, I have no choice but to be flexible.  So I’ll be cooking outdoors and schlepping dirty clothes to the laundromat for a few days.

No point stomping your feet and pitching a fit if you’re affected by the storm.  All that negative energy will just wear you out.

Whether you’re working or in mid job search, be flexible when change throws you a curveball.  You’ll impress your coworkers, as well as surprise yourself at what you learn.



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